Dec 20, 2013 8:51 AM by Bethany Rhodes, Olivia Deas

100 days later, Manitou still recovering

Friday marks 100 days since historical floods damaged homes and roads all over Colorado.

Manitou Springs was one of the hardest hit in southern Colorado last September, but recovery is underway.

The city plans to spend more than $2 million on flood mitigation in the canyon.

Jack Benson, the city administrator for Manitou Springs says after the canyon burned, it acted as a funnel, gathering rain water and allowing it to all flow into Manitou. Mitigating that canyon is the city's main priority.

"The big issue is how to manage that debris because once it's in the water, it's a slurry, it's like concrete and that's what does all the damage," said Benson.

Manitou Springs is receiving federal and state funding for Williams Canyon, and hope to have it finished by May.

The city has made other improvements as well, including installing two more flood sirens for safety.








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