Oct 1, 2013 8:56 PM by Annie Snead

1,000 civilian employees on furlough status at Fort Carson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. - More than 1,000 civilian employees are on furlough status at Fort Carson.
Tuesday afternoon we learned that those thousand plus employees make up around half the civilian Fort Carson workforce.
So that affects a lot of what happens at Fort Carson, everything from public works to hospital employees.
The hospital and a lot of the clinics will remain open - but as of tomorrow the Commissary will be closed.
Army Community Services are also closed and many Fort Carson activities are cancelled.
Child care and the Post Exchange will remain open.
Essential workers with health and safety remain on the job.
Those at Fort Carson say all the changes will make it difficult to function.
"The command is very concerned about how this not only affects the civilians who are affected by it, each and every one of them, but what are those second and third order affects for the economy and the community here? We will sustain it as long as our government tells us that we need to but it will be difficult," said Dee McNutt, Public Affairs Officer.


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