school's uniform requirements is too much for the average people

cesar chavez pueblo
i received a notice from my son's school yesterday about their required school uniforms. uniforms are good of course im into it but lately they have been demanding too much. first, students have to wear only plain blue or plain black jackets in school. if they wear a printed one in front or back, they have to be taken off in the classroom. so, i have to save up money additional for their requirement. now they require a blue vest on top of their formal uniforms which i think would cost about $15 to $20 depends on where you buy it but still thats additional unecessary expense in this kind of economy. then now they require kids to have shoes to be all black which is fine but shoes must also have black sole. i checked shoes last time from kohls and they are not cheap. most shoes with all black color including soles are maybe $30 to 40. i really dont understand at all. kids are not going to a tournament or to white house. i dont know why this school is making the parents spend so much money when they know what kind of economy we have now.
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