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5 Options You Must Have in Your Next Car

George Jetson was always a step or two ahead in the transportation department.

The happy-go-lucky dad in the 1960's cartoon classic "The Jetsons" zipped to work in a flying car. And, what parking space? George pressed a button and - poof! - his car folded into a briefcase.

Flying cars may still be a few years off, but even George would be impressed by the expansive array of technology available in new vehicles today. The innovations are amazing.

If you're looking for a sweet new ride, ask yourself, What would George Jetson do? Make sure the model you buy is equipped with these futuristic features.

1. Lane departure warning system

It's happen to all of us: you're driving along on a windy road, and all of a sudden you realize you've drifted slightly into another lane. It's a major "panic moment" that you can't help but want to avoid.

In recent years, though, lane departure warning systems have made their way into cars as a means of alerting drivers about a potential lane drifting. And the really amazing thing about the best of these systems, like Lincoln's Lane-Keeping System, is that they can actually help gently guide you back into a lane and give you an alert if you choose.

"You can feel the steering wheel actually guiding you back into the lane," says Richard Thompson, general manager of Phil Long Lincoln, Colorado Springs, Colo.

2. Smarter cruise control

Just about every car you've ever driven has probably had cruise control. But adaptive cruise control, available in all Lincolns today, is next-generation. It will actually automatically slow you down while you're in cruise control if it detects traffic slowing ahead. The vehicle resumes your set speed once traffic clears. "It's pretty slick," says Thompson.

3. Warning systems that look ahead

Forward collision warning can even go so far as to warn you if it senses a potential impending collision with the car ahead. It flashes a warning on the windshield and pre-charges the brakes to better help you stop in time.

4. Better engines

At the end of the day, the engine is probably the most important part of any car. Some new and innovative engines deserve high praise. For instance, the 3.5 V6 EcoBoost engine in the new eight-passenger 2015 Lincoln Navigator actually provides more power than the old V8 engine - and with better gas mileage.

"The new Navigator will be out in the next month, and there are already people waiting for that vehicle to arrive," says Thompson.

Or, of course, you could opt for a hybrid engine, like the one in the new 2015 Lincoln MKZ, which offers a best-in-class 40 combined mpg.

5. Parking made easy

George Jetson never had to parallel park, and neither should you. Self-parking technology like Lincoln's Active Park Assist takes all the hassle out of the equation. The system lets drivers know a spot is big enough for the car, and then helps steer, so mere earthlings can nail the parking job elegantly. "The car will pretty much parallel-park itself," says Thompson.

Phil Long Lincoln in Colorado Springs is one of the premier Lincoln dealerships in the Colorado Springs area. We invite you to test-drive the amazing new 2015 Lincoln models.

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