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4 Reasons Buying a Used Car Can be Scary

All the zombies, Freddy Kruegers and vampires on the planet don't come close to inspiring the terror of what most folks consider life's scariest transaction: buying a used car. ("Get ouuut!")

"Too often, people who walk into our dealerships to buy a pre-owned vehicle bring along a lot of misconceptions and fears," says Kevin Haddock, general manager of Phil Long ValuCar, Colorado Springs."They've heard horror stories from the past. It can be a challenge just striking up a conversation."

Here are some of the top fears folks have about buying a used car - and why it might just be time to dial back the dread-o-meter at the dealership door:

1) "Used car salespeople are so aggressive!"

Perhaps the biggest nightmare for car buyers is the prospect of dealing with pushy, aggressive salespeople. "Professional salespeople simply don't work that way today," says Haddock. "Our reputation and our success hinges on fair play and respect for the customer. If it's not a good deal for you, it's not a good deal for us."

ValuCar embraces a no-hassle process. All vehicles have a low, pre-discounted price; payments, A.P.R. and trade information are presented clearly. Low prices are guaranteed with a 3-day, 150-mile exchange guarantee. Employees at the dealership greet customers warmly and work with them to make sure the numbers and financing work for everyone.

2) "What if I get stuck with a clunker?"

The fear of buying a problem-plagued used vehicle runs deep. Could this be a lemon? There's no need to worry at ValuCar. Every pre-owned vehicle is inspected and certified and comes with free recommended oil changes and alignment checks for two years. All warranty work is completed at the ValuCar location where you purchased your car, so you'll be able to return to a friendly, familiar environment.

"We guarantee that you will receive years of reliable service," says Haddock.

3) "The website was impossible to navigate!"

Oh, the torture that is the bulky, outdated car dealership website. Not so at ValuCar. Quickly sort through the most extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles in the state of Colorado by make, model, year, mileage, interior/exterior colors, fuel economy and price. Get pre-approved for financing. Don't see what the vehicle you want? Let us know and we'll go to work. You can also make a service appointment or chat with a customer service representative, all with just a few clicks.

"We know your time is valuable, both online and in person at our dealerships," says Haddock. "We don't waste it."

4) "They don't really care about me. They just want my money."

At all too many dealerships, customers are seemingly forgotten once they've signed their contracts. Customer service is a top priority at ValueCar even after the car leaves the lot.

Unlike many other dealerships, ValuCar has a staff specifically for customer-service phone calls. And since Phil Long is a local Colorado company, you know you're talking to people who know where you're coming from and care about your community.

And in the high-stress world of car buying, it's always nice to know you have an ally.

We've invested both in our technology and in training our team to deliver a remarkable experience to our customers. Complete satisfaction, that's our goal."

Drop by the Phil Long ValuCar website or visit any of our three Colorado Springs dealerships: ValueCar Motor City, ValuCar Academy or ValuCar Chapel Hills.

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